Unfolding into Morning / Paradise — Imperfect Copies

Unfolding into Morning / Paradise — Imperfect Copies



Sadly, during overseas transit, dozens of copies of our new books Unfolding into Morning & Paradise were damaged to various degrees.

Fortunately, some of the imperfections are, in truth, quite minor — such as gentle wear on the spine, creasing near the top of the spine, slightly dinged corners, etc. Rather than let these books go to waste, we’ve decided to sell them at 40% off to recoup some of the costs that our delivery provider is not reimbursing us with. To emphasize, dozens of copies have been damaged, and for each order that is placed we will do our best to ensure you receive a copy that most closely resembles an intact edition. All books have no damage involving printing, etc etc — and all imperfections are solely cosmetic.

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Unfolding into Morning

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