Playfulness Group Book

Playfulness Group Book




Pomegranate Press and Balam present a new cross-continental group book centered around the loose theme of “Playfulness” — our dual attempt to capture, in some way, what it might mean to have fun, explore and be curious about the world around us. What we uncover when we allow ourselves to look closer at beauty wherever we may find it. Featuring the following artists:

Juan Brenner, Carlos Jaramillo, Victor Llorente, Molly D’Arcy, Sue Palmer Stone, Chris Muth, Jett Lara, Xander Opiyo, Daniel Dorsa, Sara Meinz, Willem Verbeeck, Helena Goni, Lakshan Dharmapriya, Maridelis Morales, Grade Solomon, Luis Corzo, Keegan Grandbois, Heiner L. Beisert, Nadia Bautista, Oji Haynes, Leafy Yeh, Corey Olsen, Ryley Clarke, Geoffrey Haggray, Emilie Røndal Nielsen, Sander Coers, Dennis Eichmann, Saskia Kivilo, Odochi Akwani, Meghan Marin, Carson Stachura, Alcira Angelo Gutierrez, Alice Fall, Allan Salas, Autumn Kidd, Kasa Loka, Hayley Lohn, Landon Edwards, Joseph Echenique, Raphael Gaultier, Melissa Alcena, Simone Roscher, Marissa Alper, Julien Sage, Robin Glass, Marisol Mendez, Dustin Roderick, Franco Dupuy, Raymond Tran, Jack Garland, Alejandro Ortiz, Marc Ludwigsen, Tyrone Williams, William Mullan, Venice Gordon, Carson Stachura, Auston Marek, Abbey Gilbert, Tobias Nicolai, Nathaniel Perales, Freya Najade, Katrine Noer, Misha Davydov, Maxime Michelet, Jerrod Stith, Em White, and José Castrellón. (*SMALL ADJUSTMENTS TO FULL LIST POSSIBLE, SORRY FOR ANY UNPROFESSIONALISM*<3!)

116 pages, 8×10 inches
Swiss bound with embossed back cover text
First edition of 500 copies
Printed in Argentina

*Limited countries are available for international shipping through us directly, but please allow up to 12 weeks for international delivery, as the Covid-19 pandemic has led to countless overseas delays. All international orders are nonrefundable/final sale, so please ensure your address and information are entered correctly. Pomegranate Press is not responsible for any additional custom fees that may occur or delays in transit.